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7th Annual Amazon Summit JCON

If you sell or are thinking of selling on Amazon, you will want to attend the upcoming 7th Annual Amazon Summit JCON being sponsored by the JCC of Marine Park at The Palace Hall on Tuesday, February 1. This year’s program will offer education, mentors, networking, a keynote address, and a chance to meet with 75 successful vendors. More than 700 participants are expected at this year’s event that includes a buffet dinner. For more details visit https://amazonsummit.eventbrite.com.

Super20 Seder20 – the Torah Community Response to the Super Bowl

More than half of the American population spends hours watching the top two professional football teams fight it out at the annual NFL Super Bowl. Unfortunately, too many in our own community are bitul Torah so they can watch the game as well. Hundreds of men the community will proudly take part in the first ever Super(20)Seder(20) to be held on Sunday, February 2, at the Agudath Israel of Avenue L, under the guidance of Rabbi Chaim Zvi Senter, Rosh Yeshivah, and Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Leiff, Mara d’Asra. Rabbi Eli J. Mansour will be guest speaker and musical entertainment will be led by Betzalel Bree and Moishe Tischler. All those who registered will be able to learn with chavruos and will enjoy a super seder buffet provided by Seasons.

Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva 86th Annual Dinner 

Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva, one of the oldest girls’ religious schools in the world, will celebrate its 86th anniversary dinner on Sunday, February 9, at El Caribe.  The theme of the dinner is “We’re in it Together.” Honorees include Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Michael and Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Gold. Tribute will be given to three teachers who have devoted three decades of service to the school: Mrs. Rivka Warshavchik (math teacher), Mrs. Chanie Obermeister (music teacher), and Mrs. Zahave Engelstein (art teacher).

Fourth Annual Holocaust Studies Conference 

Project Witness will sponsor the 4th Annual Holocaust Studies Conference on February 16 and17 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps. Project Witness works with educators to help them better inform students about the horrors of the Holocaust and those who perished as well as the heroism of those  survivors who rebuilt their lives and changed the face of Klal Yisrael in the process.

Second Annual CHEMED Conference

CHEMED (Center for Health Education, Medicine and Dentistry) will hold its second annual conference on medicine and ethics during the Presidents Day weekend (Thursday, February 13 to Sunday, February 16) at the Hilton Woodcliff Lake. Topics will include discussions in genomics, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and infertility and uterus transplants. The program is designed for religious medical professionals and their families. Medical presentations will be followed by ethical discussions with Rabbi Asher Weiss, Rabbi Avraham Steinberg, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi Aaron Glatt, and Rabbi Edward Reichman.  

Hakhel Weekly Daf Yomi Review 

Hakhel, a Flatbush-based organization dedicated to promoting greater awareness of Torah-true values has organized a weekly Daf Yomi review in Flatbush at K’hal Zichron Mordechia (Rabbi Sherer’s shul) on Wednesday night from 7:30 to 8:45 P.M. that will review the pages of the previous seven days. The maggid shiur is Rabbi Yossi Gleiberman.

It’s Your Day Off – Khal Ner L-Meiah’s New Series 

Like most of us, you likely spend each weekday at work trying to earn an honest living to support yourself and your family. But if when you don’t have to work, you choose to spend your “day off” studying Torah, then you will merit reward — not just for that day of learning, but also for each day you spent working full-time.  Because this one day of learning shows that, in truth, you wanted to learn every day but you didn’t because you were forced to earn a living. This is why Khal Ner L-Meiah, under the dynamic leadership of Rabbi Baruch Goldstein, has launched, together with CHAZAQ, a series of shiurim and Torah lecture programs on legal holidays and other “days-off” for members of the community at large.  Each shiur delivered by an outstanding lecturer and maggid shiur, is designed to be of interest to all members of the community, regardless of background or level of learning.  

The upcoming program, to be held on Sunday, February 9, is a yom iyun and chizuk entitled “Preparing for Tu Bi Shvatthe Yom Tov of Fruits.”  The program, sponsored by Ner L-Meiah in conjunction with the PUAH organization, will include “Sensitive Information in Shidduchim” presented by Rabbi Baruch Goldstein; “Problem + Problem = Solution” presented by Rabbi Fischel Schachter; and “A Torah Perspective on Genetic Testing” delivered by Rabbi Elan Segelman of the PUAH organization. The program will start at 8:45 A.M., preceded by an 8:00 A.M. Shacharis, and will be held at Khal Ner L-Meah, 2876 Nostrand Avenue.  Men and women are invited and refreshments will be served. 

Dirshu Siyum HaShas at Tel Aviv’s Yad Eliyahu

The Dirshu Siyum HaShas was unforgettable. Reb Moshe Mona Rosenblum led the orchestra as people found their seats, followed by Maariv led by Rav Yirmiyah Damen, shlita. Rav Shimon Galei shlita, began the evening with words of chizuk, and a full choir of children and adults performed the opening song. Rav Chaim Feinstein shlita, recited the final words of Shas, and the Admor of Alexander shlita, recited the Hadran. Rav Leizer Yudel Finkel shlita, Rosh Yeshivah

of Mir, said the Kaddish. The orchestra broke out in melody as thousands of Yidden joined hands and danced, and Reb Motti Steinmetz performed two songs composed especially for Dirshu siyumim of 2020. Rav Dovid Cohen, shlita, Rosh Yeshivah of the Chevron Yeshivah, spoke, followed by the rosh yeshivah of Ponovezh, Rav Boruch Dov Povarsky shlita, and Rav Nissan Kaplan shlita, rosh yeshivah of Daas Aharon. Rav Gershon Edelstein shlita, Rosh Yeshivah of Ponovezh, and Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita, took their places beside Rav Dovid Hofstedter. Rav Edelstein addressed the crowd, followed by Rav Chaim’s son, who read the words and beautiful brachah penned by his illustrious father for the evening. The son of the Belzer Rebbe shlita read a letter on behalf of his father, the Admor of Belz, followed by a drashah by Rav Boruch Mordechai Ezrachi shlita. It was a night of Torah celebration, and every person in the hall knew and felt a tremendous debt of thanks to Rav Dovid Hofstedter for all he does for Klal Yisrael. 

Congratulations to Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichette  who was just elected as the county leader, replacing Frank Seddio. Shown with Councilman Yeger.  

NYC Councilman Chaim Deutsch announced that he is running for Congress in New York’s 9th District. 

Senator Andrew Gounardes visited the JCCMP Girls Club and asked what he should fight for in Albany. The consensus? More securtiy cameras and ice cream trucks. 

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