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Senator Challenges Mayor to Honor Commitment to Special Needs Kids 

State Senator Simcha Felder is calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to keep his promise to parents of special needs children. “In 2014, the Mayor held a press conference where he laid out his commitment to ‘reduce litigation, streamline paperwork, and ensure parents have a responsive and efficient process to meet their child’s special education needs.’ These are the Mayor’s words and we are holding him to them,” Senator Felder declared. In a special letter to the Mayor, Senator Felder wrote: Unfortunately, parents of special needs children are encountering more difficulties than ever before. They are once again begging for help, informing me that the Department of Education (DOE) is doing everything within its power to make the process difficult. Too many parents have expressed how time-consuming and challenging it is to get their children the services that DOE is legally required to provide…It is past time DOE be brought in compliance with the law and ensure students with disabilities appropriate placements and timely reimbursements for their education.

7th Annual Amazon Summit JCON 

If you sell or are thinking of selling on Amazon, you will want to attend the upcoming seventh annual Amazon summit, JCON, sponsored by the JCC of Marine Park. The event will take place at The Palace on Tuesday, February 11. This year’s program will offer education, mentors, networking, a keynote address, and a chance to meet with 75 successful vendors. More than 700 participants are expected to attend this year’s event. A buffet dinner will be served. For more details and to reserve, visit https://amazonsummit.eventbrite.com.

Brooklyn Girls High Schools to Coordinate Exam and Acceptance Dates 

Rabbi Osher Lemel Ehrenreich, menahel of Bais Yaakov of Boro Park, has worked with educators from other Brooklyn girls’ schools to coordinate the high school application process for their students. The schools have agreed to collectively postpone high school entrance exams from November to late December, with the understanding that notices of acceptance won’t be mailed out until February 28. A group of askanim will be given a period of four weeks prior to that date to make sure that every girl has a high school to attend. Rav Elyra Brudny, Rosh Yeshivah of Mir in Brooklyn, emphasized that it was of vital importance to ensure that the girls were spared from extra pain and to create a system that will assist all girls to find good high school.

Mommy’s HopeLine

In conjunction with COJO of Flatbush, JCCMP runs a confidential hotline designed to assist new mothers suffering from postpartum depression. Run by professional staff and trained volunteers, Mommy’s HopeLine offers support, resources, and psychiatric referrals for mothers and fathers in the community who are suffering from the aftermath of postpartum depression. Mommy’s HopeLine also provides more extensive case management and organizes meals and homecare assistance for those who require more widespread support.  Through Mommy’s HopeLine, the JCCMP hopes to raise community awareness of this mental health issue.  For more information or assistance, please call the Mommy’s HopeLine office at 718-252-6034.

Mosdos Veretzky Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Dinner 

Mosdos Veretzky will hold its annual dinner at The Metropolitan on Sunday, January 19, celebrating 35 years of “Mesorah, Dedication, and Excellence.” Among the awardees will be Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Singer; Mr. and Mrs. Ezriel Konstam;  Mr. and Mrs. Dovi Rosenthal; Mr. and Mrs. Luzy Steinmetz; Mr. and Mrs. Tzvi Weill; Mr. and Mrs. Tuvia Friedman; and Councilman Chaim Deutsch. 

Hebrew Free Loan Society Offers Interest Free Loans to Businesses

Do you have a startup business, or do you want to expand an existing business? Whether you operate from a storefront, are homebased, or whether your company is men or women owned; you can get a loan up to $50,000 with no interest and no fees. The Hebrew Free Loan Society has since 1892 been providing interest-free business loans to low- and moderate-income residents in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester, an initiative in partnership with Mishkan Yecheskel. Dedicated to improving lives through lending, the HFLS requires two qualified guarantors. To find out what the HFLS can do for you either call (212) 692-9023 or click www.HFLS.org.

BINA Annual Dinner Offers 

An Evening of HOPE Whether you know someone whose life has been so dramatically changed for the worse by a bicycle accident, a concussion, a fall, a near drowning, a sports injury, a stroke, or a drug overdose, BINA (Stroke & Brain Injury Assistance) has been helping victims and families in our community since 2003. This year’s BINA annual dinner will focus on the theme of an “Evening of HOPE” at the El Caribe Country Club on January 5th. Dr. Steven Flanagan will be honored with the Physician Leadership Award, while Frieda Bobo will be presented with the Distinguished Service Award. Rabbi Shmuel and Tzippy Friedler will be given the Community Impact Award.


Tribeworks second annual conference was a collaboration of 14 non-profit organizations and organized by the JCC of Marine Park who helps small business and entrepreneurs become more successful. Over 30 classes of education, networking, and mentorship were held through out the day on Tuesday, December 10, at the Hilton Staten Island. Over 600 individuals were in attendance. Keynote speakers included Jason Feifer editor in chief at Entrepreneur Magazine, and Tim Brown, CEO of Up Fields and former president of Chobani yogurt.


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