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Under 13?  No Smartphone for You

Your parents may have taken away your smartphone for an hour, a day or a week. Well, Tim Farnum, who is a father as well as a medical professional, got so tired of seeing his kids glued to their smartphones that he took it a step further than most parents would. Thanks to him, if you are a 13-year-old living in Colorado, you may soon not be able to purchase a smartphone.  Tim founded PAUS (Parents Against Underage Smartphones) and he is proposing that retailers submit monthly reports to the state government verifying that they asked the age of the customer or primary user of the phone. Companies that don’t abide by the law will be first warned and then fined $500 for repeatedly selling phones to be used by young children and preteens.

 Water Park for Disabled Kids

Now everyone can enjoy the thrill of splashing around at a water park. Morgan’s Inspirational Island, which opened last month in San Antonio, Texas, is designed for kids with a wide range of disabilities, allowing them easy access to rides and fun – free of charge!  The tropical-themed park is fully wheelchair-accessible and features six major attractions, including a riverboat ride and a wide variety of splash pads, geysers, water cannons and rain curtains. For kids who tend to wander off, the park provides high-tech, waterproof wristbands. For kids who get overwhelmed by crowds, the park offers secluded, quiet areas where they can escape from all the noise.  Water temperature at the park can be quickly increased for guests with sensitivities to cold. The park even offers complimentary use of a revolutionary waterproof wheelchair called PneuChair that’s propelled by compressed air instead of batteries.

Slurpee Coupons

This is a ticket you want to be pulled over for. Police in Atlanta are issuing tickets to kids they observe riding a bike with a helmet on, or other good deeds, and positive behavior. It’s all part of a community service program called “Operation Chill,” which partners local law enforcement with 7-Eleven in rewarding kids for their acts of kindness.  Up to 1.33 million Slurpee coupons will be issued to almost 1,000 law enforcement agencies. Each coupon can be redeemed for a small Slurpee drink at participating 7-Eleven stores.

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