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Pizza-Ordering Shoes

Can I get a side of fries with those shoe laces? Thanks to the latest in Bluetooth technology, you can now order a slice while playing basketball, and you don’t even need a phone or computer to do so. Pizza Hut, a famous pizza chain store, has developed special-edition “Pie-Tops,” which allow customers to order pizza with their feet. All you have to do is press the shoe’s tongue, which contains a button that connects users to a mobile app, and voila! Through the latest in geolocation science, the pizza store knows where to send the pie. The shoe design was inspired by last month’s March Madness basketball tournament. Sadly, the sneakers are limited edition and cannot be purchased at your nearest shoe store, but 64 random people, coinciding with the same number of basketball teams who played at the March tournament, will be selected as part of a promotion.

Teenagers Build Backyard Roller Coaster

This Chol Hamoaid, forget the long lines at Six Flags Great Adventures. Now, you can get the thrill of riding a rollercoaster right in your very own backyard. Two Wisconsin teenagers, JT Nejedlo and Aidan Deavenr decided to build a roller coaster out of boredom and none of their friends though they would succeed. Well, they did, with the help of Deaven’s father, who happens to be a former physics professor. The ride starts on the backyard treehouse, and using the momentum of that initial descent, takes riders on a zipping ride across the property. In addition to hours of fun, the rollercoaster also helped the teenagers get accepted into college. The University of Wisconsin accepted their application after reading about their DIY project. Nejedlo is a freshman studying business, and Deaven will put his building skills to use next year when he begins taking engineering classes.

Tooth Fairy Gets a Raise

Chew on this! If you make sure to take good care of your teeth, you can potentially earn a small fortune by collecting your loose baby teeth. According to data compiled by Delta Dental’s 13th annual Tooth Fairy survey, the Fairy’s cash payouts have increased during the past year to an all-time high average of $4.66, good for a 75-cent increase from 2015. Economists believe that the poll results reflect an improving economy since the cash payout increase is within a percentage point of the S&P 500’s. Last year, the Tooth Fairy paid about $290.6 million in the US for lost teeth, a 13.5% increase from 2015 and of course a first lost tooth generally pays more than proceeding teeth, up about 10% to $5.72. In most cases the Fairy leaves money (89%), but she also has a tendency to leave gifts that promote good dental health, such as toothpaste or toothbrushes. According to the survey, the Tooth Fairy pays most in the West: $5.96 ($6.89 for the first tooth); followed by the Northeast at $5.08 ($6.31); the South at $4.57 ($4.88); and the Midwest at $4.04 ($5.70). I wonder if this also applies to Bubby and Zeidy’s missing teeth.

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