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To those familiar with the original Beats album, Beats 2.0 from EvenAl Orchestra and Yoely Greenfield is a welcome addition. When you combine one of the most in-demand wedding orchestras with one of the most in-demand wedding singers, add some brilliant arrangements, coupled with some top-of-the-line musicians, this album is the result. Whether you’ve seen EvenAl play live, or have just been watching the videos they crank out a semi-regular basis, you know by now that when it comes to creating new arrangements for popular songs or reviving older songs they are definitely up on top. Keyboard player Eli Lax, drummer Yaacov Friedman, and guitarist Aryeh Kunstler are an unstoppable team. Vocalist Yoely Greenfield joins them again for this album with a voice that can not only belt out hartzige ballads, but can sing the top pop-style wedding songs with the best of them.

  1. EvenAl Intro – The first track gets us started with some songs that may end up being used as wedding fanfares before the chosson and kallah make their entrance. Let’s just say that this one starts off with “magic” (see what I did there?) and works its way into a medley of some pretty rocking tunes.
  2. Freilach Set – This medley features songs originally sung by Avraham Fried, Shmuli Unger, and Beri Weber, as well as some niggunim.
  3. Disco Set – This starts us off with one of the hits off Shwekey’s We are a Miracle album, Smachot, and works its way through a medley of tunes popularized by Eli Marcus, Simcha Leiner, Baruch Sholom Blesofsky, and even a Yoely Greenfield track.
  4. Heibtzach Set – This next set takes us on a journey through songs from Reb Bentzion Shenker, Beri Weber, Sruli Adler, Michoel Schnitzler, Yoely Klein, Meilech Kohn, and more!
  5. World Set – Avi Peretz is the perfect vocalist for tracks with more of a Middle- Eastern feel like Mahapecha Shel Simcha, Inshallah, and Halayla Hazeh Hazman.
  6. Rock Set – What would a wedding album be without a rock set? Luckily, this album leaves us on a high with songs like Bring the House Down, oldie but goodie Vayiven Uziyahu, and Hafachta from Diaspora Yeshiva Band.

If you’re looking for an album to keep you dancing throughout the year (except for Sefirah and the Three Weeks, of course) this is definitely the album for you! The EvenAl Team of Eli, Yaacov, and Aryeh along with Yoely make a production of epic proportions. Get your copy today!


Hillel Kapnick is a Producer/Singer/Musician/DJ based in Monsey, NY. He owns and operates Uptop Recording Studios (Monsey, NY) , and sings and plays at simchos with his orchestra and one man band regularly. Hillel can be reached for questions, comments, or bookings at hillelkaps@gmail.com or through his website @ www.HillelKAPS.com

P.s. Watch this space carefully as there may be some exciting Jewish Music news announced here in near future!

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