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Name: Borsalino

Position and Business Name:   Barsalino Hats

Location: Flagship stores at 2917 Avenue J in Brooklyn, NY; 1328 River Avenue in Lakewood, NJ; and several locations in Israel  and worldwide

Number of Employees: 5-12

Years in Business:  Since 1857  


What’s the difference between Borsalino and other hat brands?

Borsalino hats are all handmade in Italy. Many have tried to duplicate our product, but we still stand out. One of the reasons is because we use top quality materials like our premium felt, unlike what other hat manufacturers use. This makes our product look and feel better; our customers can attest to it.


Do you have different types of hats within your brand?

We have three styles: the Torino, Classico, and Trionfo, which range in price from $195 to $295. All of the hats are great quality, but they vary in material and finish, resulting in unique looks to fit any budget.


Is your brand sold all over the world?

Yes. Borsalino has 11 store locations including  Italy and even in Japan.


What makes your store stand out?

We have a beautiful new showroom with a very large selection. We carry a huge amount of stock that can fit just about anyone with a hat.  According to Google, customers are out within 18 to 20 minutes.


 I see a picture of the Lubavitch Rebbe  on the wall on your Ave. J location. Did the Rebbe wear a Borsalino?

Of course! Many Roshei Yeshivah wear our brand as well.


Can you give readers some tips on how to keep your hat always looking new?

Put it back in the box whenever it is not in use, and don’t leave it lying around. Put up the brim before putting it down on a table or hook. Hang it up when it’s wet instead of putting on a flat table.


Is it worth investing in a travel box, or is a regular box good enough?

It is worth the investment.  We have a new type of hard box which is ideal for traveling. It costs about $30 and is very light, small, and compact, so you can check it in with your luggage without worrying about it getting damaged.


Do hats shrink?

Yes.  This is why we recommend buying a hat with some room to allow for adjustments. Putting in some padding it another good idea as this will allow you to have more room when it does shrinks a little.


Are black hats a trend outside the Jewish market?

Yes. The fact that we have stores in Japan, Italy, France, and other countries, is a testament from our customer base that black hats are indeed still in vogue beyond the Jewish communities.

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