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Dear Editor,

I am the one who submitted the Ask the Therapist question in your December issue (Vol. 2, Issue 51), and I just wanted to thank Mr. Rand. His insightful advice on improving communication with my husband was spot on. I cannot say that the issue has been fully resolved, as our relationship is a work in progress, but our conversations have definitely improved. The biggest take away from the column was when Mr. Rand mentioned that I should note at which point our conversation went awry so I can learn what works and doesn’t for future conversations.  I  took this advice  seriously and began noticing that the reason why our issues are never resolved is because  I tend to bring up complaints too quickly, without letting my husband unwind a bit. I also noticed that I need to bring up an issue and leave it alone without repeating and harping on it incessantly, which just drove him further away.  Thank you, Ask the Therapist for the great tips!



Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading Nachman Mostofsky’s feature, “Trump’s City of Gold.”  He brings up a very valid point. Now that we have established that Jerusalem as Israel’s  capital,  this bone of contention will be off the table when it comes to attempted peace talks with the Palestinians. This is important since it will show the world that they are not serious when it comes to brokering a deal and that they just want an excuse to delay the process.  I hope other countries follow suit and move their embassies to Jerusalem, too.  Keep up the great work, President Trump! He is doing exactly everything he promised us he will do.

Pinchos Gross


Dear Editor,

In regards to winter blues (“Winter Blues Making you SAD?”), it is so important for schools to allow their children some (even brief) outdoor recess time.  If it is too cold to venture out, open the blinds, let the sun shine in, or let the kids stand by the window to get some vitamin D.  Kids can also feel down in the dumps during the winter months, so  try to get them out as much as possible. They will feel better and learn better.

A Teacher   


Dear Editor,

Please allow me to vent. I feel like our family is the only one left in Marine Park during winter break. My kids are complaining that everyone  they know is going away for their vacation except for us.   I am sorry but I cannot afford, nor can I get away from my job, to escape to sunny Florida or Cancun. Due to budget limitations, we cannot even go away for the weekend or even a night. I wish winter break could go back to what it used to be: making snowmen in the backyard, drinking cocoa with friends around the kitchen table, and just hanging out playing board games or going bowling. Does anybody do that anymore? Wait  till Pesach comes around and my kids discover that once again we are the only ones left in this zip code.  


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