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I think for the smaller kids it can make things worse because seeing their parents will make it harder for them to adjust and homesickness might kick in. Out of sight, out of mind, might be a better policy for the younger bunks.  For those kids who will be staying all summer long, visiting day is necessary, but it should only be done once in between both months because it is quite a stretch for kids to be away from home. Devorah Nechama


What’s the point of sleep away camp if they have visiting day? Menucha N.


It’s a schlep considering the traffic, but I think it’s nice for the kids. They get excited about showing their parents their bunkhouse, introducing them to their new friends and counselors, etc. Sometimes it helps them get through the first week or two knowing they’ll see their parents soon.   Aviva Y.


It depends on the child. If this is your child’s first experience with sleep away camp, if they are new to the camp, or are in general the clingy type, then I think it is very important that parents make the trip to the camp on visiting day. However, if your child is older, more mature, and independent,  then I think it’s ok to skip, but make sure you run it by the child first.  Molly R.


Yes. Making the trek to visit your kid on visiting day sends the message that they are loved, important,  and missed. I always get sad seeing those few children whose parents couldn’t come for whatever reason; they always seem to be isolated and alone.   Atara B.


No.  Every time we go the day is devoted to restocking supplies at Walmart or Target (items we JUST bought a few short weeks ago!), taking the family out to eat, and an array of other activities that leaves everyone tired, stressed, and broke. Visiting day is not about family bonding at all. If you ask me, I think visiting day was concocted by the camp to have a free day off at our expense.   Lipa Kreizman 


No. The day becomes competitive between the kids of who did what and who had a better time. I always feel like as the kids get older, I must top what we did last year. It has become an overwhelming day.  Estee Feldman 

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