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What do you like most about living in Brooklyn?


I grew up in Russia and moved here with my family as a teenager. What I like most about living in Brooklyn is the abundance of Jewish life and culture that is so readily available here. Perhaps native New Yorkers take it for granted, but I am thrilled that I can hop into a shul on practically any block in Boro Park and Midwood.  I love that kosher food is found everywhere and that Jewish businesses, organizations, and schools are flourishing. I can visit Jewish museums and see that the Yiddish culture that my grandparents had is still alive and thriving here.

Yivgeney Bokonovitch

I am 74 years young and was actually born and raised in Brooklyn. I moved to Marine Park back when it was more farm-like with unpaved city streets.  I remember having to take my broom and sweep the dirt in front of my house. Marine Park has certainly come a long way since then. As a senior, what I appreciate about Brooklyn is how accessible everything is. It is unnecessary for me to drive since I have my doctor, pharmacist, grocery store, library, laundromat, and senior center all in walking distance of my home. I also have fantastic neighbors who always look out for me by shoveling snow off my steps, putting away my garbage cans, and volunteering to run errands for me. My children, who all reside in New Jersey, were worried about me living alone, but I keep on assuring them that when you live in Brooklyn, you are never truly alone.

Evelyn Emmet

The sense of community is what I love most about living in Brooklyn. My husband and I are both professionals that work in the city, but we realized that starting a family while living in Manhattan was not going to be feasible for us. We moved to Park Slope after some friends recommended it as a good fit for ex-Manhattanites.  I am not going to lie, we were worried that Brooklyn wouldn’t match the allure and sophistication of the city, but we found that Park Slope, for us, was a great fit. Most of our neighbors are professionals who also work in the city, and many are also displaced from out of town. We enjoy their stimulating company, which doesn’t come with a high-brow attitude; we also enjoy not paying sky rocket high rent.  

 Z. G.

The food! Brooklyn makes the best pizza, bagels, and of course kosher staples. Have you tried New Jersey, Long Island or Staten Island pizza? I refuse to move anywhere for that simple reason alone.   

Mendy Zelman

Shidduchim. I came here from the Midwest, like so many others, because there is no place like Brooklyn where one can be introduced to so many other Orthodox singles.  I used to fly out to here for dates, but I grew to love Brooklyn and now share an apartment with three other single girls who also all came here to meet their bashert.    We all plan on living here long-term.  

Rachel M.    

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