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What’s Your Dream Remodel?


A large second floor deck so I can begin the day by sipping my coffee being inspired by the sunrise and wind down by sipping my tea admiring the sunset.   It can also double for a sukka spot!

Nechy Paneth


Kids’ playroom in the basement.  Currently it’s being used as a playroom, but for all the wrong reasons. My kids like to tinker with the loose wires, tools, and washer and dryer that we have there. Being that our basement is incomplete, it is really more like a spooky house and I am fearful every time they go there that someone will get hurt. My dream is to have it finished by making it 100% water sealed, so when we get downpours, I won’t get any leaks. I also would love to have wall to wall carpeting there and built- ins for our extensive book collection.  

Sussie Weiss


A man cave. I would love to have a spot of my own upstairs in our attic away from the hustle and bustle of family life downstairs. I would have black leather couches, a flat-screen, surround sound speakers and have someone install padded soundproof walls to block out all the outside noise and the noise of me having out with my friends. I lean more towards and industrial style, so I would have dark tiled floors, copper and stainless steel finishes, and a beamed ceiling. I would also hire someone to install a rock climbing wall. Sounds great, right?    

Dov G.


Shhhh!!! Don’t tell my husband, but I would love to replace our all white kitchen, which we just did a few years ago and replace it with the sleek, new design of matte black appliances. It looks so cool and must be so easy to clean and maintain.                             



This is not even a dream but a necessity! I must get around to having a mud room. When everyone enters the house, they simply plop their briefcases, coats, shoes, umbrellas etc. on the hallway floor leaving a dirty and cluttered mess. I would love to have a small (heated) mudroom when you first enter my home which has neat shelves and hooks so everyone and everything has a place to be properly stored.

 Kaila I.


This will never happen, but if we are talking dream renovations here, then I would love to have sunroom/greenhouse added to my house. I am a bit of a horticulturist, if I don’t say so myself, and I would love to have a place to house all my plants during the cold, winter months. I could have all my plants and trees indoors all year round and not have to worry about damage from frost. Do people in Marine Park even have greenhouses?    

Shirley Eichenholz  

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