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JCCMP Public Speaking Course


This past month, the JCC of Marine Park sponsored a series of courses on public speaking by the world-renowned Rabbi Eliezer Blatt of Aish Hatorah, Israel. A little-known fact is that public speaking skills affect many areas of life, including daily interactions at home and in the workplace. The course, which was held at the JCCMP office, included insights and tips to optimize both daily encounters as well as larger-scale presentations. Rabbi Blatt is an internationally recognized expert communications strategist, public speaking trainer, seminar leader, and virtual speech coach. His articles about public speaking have been published in The Jewish Echo magazine.

Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society Flatbush

Barbecue Set


The annual RCCS (Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society) barbecue (in Flatbush for men) will be held on Wednesday, August 8th at the intersection of East 22nd Street and Avenue I, beginning at 7 P.M.  Entry is by donation. In addition to delicious barbecue food and drinks, participants will have the chance to enjoy live music by the famous 8th Day group featuring Californian brothers Shmuel and Bentzion Marcus. Since its establishment in 1997, RCCS has helped thousands of patients. This past year, RCCS has spent close to a million dollars on services for those suffering from cancer in our Flatbush community. The upcoming barbecue, which is in memory of Tziporah Faiga Gelb, will give participants a chance to support the lifesaving services of the organization.


Agudath Israel and FDNY Collaborate to Improve Safety in Non-Public Schools


For many years, the FDNY required all staff members of public schools and large office buildings to be trained by the FDNY so they can respond correctly and quickly in the face of fire, chemical, human, and other threats. Mr. Avrohom Weinstock, Agudath Israel of America’s chief of staff and associate director of education, worked with the Archdiocese of NY to create a coalition of non-public schools that approached the FDNY to develop a special training program for yeshivos, Bais Yaakovs, and other non-public schools. On May 23rd, the first ever live teaching component and examination was held for 150 yeshivah principals and administrators at the Brookdale Senior Citizen Center in Flatbush. A second similar test will be offered for more yeshivah administrators in the autumn.


Machaneh Kadosh Promotes Internet Safety for Our Children


One of the greatest dangers confronting the Jewish community is unprotected use of the internet. In an effort to shield our children, Machaneh Kadosh created a technology standard for the frum community. They have also partnered with Mirrer Yeshiva, The Cheder, Tiferes Elimelech, Yeshivat Ateret Torah, Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Bais Yaakov D’Rav Meir, Mesilas Bais Yaakov High School, and Yeshiva of Brooklyn to ensure that schools, as well as parents, can use devices appropriately.


Keren Aniyem’s Summer Night Out  


Last month, several hundred men took part in the Keren Aniyem Annual Summer Monday Night Out fundraiser at the Marine Park Golf Course.  The crowd enjoyed a lavish grill buffet, an exciting raffle, and the golf course’s expansive driving range. Keren Aniyem uses the funds from such events to distribute monthly financial stipends to needy families in time for the upcoming Yom Tov season. The event was sponsored entirely by generous supporters.


Misaskim Joins with Other Faith Groups to Prevent Rollout of Flawed Death Certificate System


Nearly ten months ago, the New York City Department of Health (DOH) had to retract its newly released life events registration program because of widespread system failures. An interfaith coalition led by Misaskim is now lobbying city officials to prevent the rollout of an updated version of the same program citing numerous concerns. The DOH plans to take down the old system on Friday night, October 28th,  and have the new system, eVital, up and running on October 1st, which coincides with Shemini Atzeres. That timeline is just one of many issues that concern Yanky Meyer, founder and director of Misaskim, who noted that from Friday night until the new system goes live on Sunday night, the two-step electronic process of getting both a death certificate and a burial permit will be done entirely with paper documents, a process that will take exponentially longer.

“Even local burials will be nearly impossible because if we don’t have a death certificate in hand by first thing Sunday morning,” Meyer said, “there is no way to get a grave opened on that day. And with Yom Tov starting on Sunday night, it will be at least four days before we will be able to get anyone buried.” Meyer has been in touch with City Councilman Chaim Deutsch about the issue, with Deutsch voicing his full support for the coalition’s efforts. “It is critical that when the Department of Health relaunches eVital this fall, it does not repeat the mistakes of the failed attempt last year,” Deutsch said.


Day of Kinos and Inspiration with Rav Dovid Goldwasser at the JCCMP


On Sunday, July, 22, Tisha B’Av, the Jewish Community Center of Marine Park invited the broader Brooklyn community to a day of kinos and powerful inspiration with internationally renowned Marbitz Torah, Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser. Hundreds of men and women took advantage of this unique opportunity to understand the kinos recited on the day of mourning and find strategies to hasten our long-desired redemption.

Special Kumzitz and Barbecue Raises

Funds for Emergency Services Unit


Yanky Schapiro organized a special post-Tisha B’Av kumzitz with the legendary Dovy Meisels in order to raise money for Chesed Shel Emes, an emergency services and recovery unit that in times of tragedy helps members of our community. Music was provided by Don Stern who was accompanied by a five-piece band. In addition to the inspiring music, donors were treated to food and drinks provided by Izzy’s Smokehouse of Crown Heights and Wine by the Case.


Learning Comes Alive at Camp Kaylie AT OHEL!


Sports and chinuch are staples of summer camp, but at Camp Kaylie, the one-of-a-kind inclusive summer camp of OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, Torah learning isn’t just another period on the schedule — it’s an activity that every single camper looks forward to every day with enthusiasm.  This summer Camp Kaylie was thrilled to reveal the Sol Englander z”l beis medrash, dedicated by Yael and Ben Englander and family. The new sanctuary, which sits in the heart of the campus, was a perfect addition for Camp Kaylie and what it stands for. The Masmidim program, based in the beis medrash, is led by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, who not only inspires his learners, but imbues a tangible spirit of kedushah and Torah throughout the camp. In addition, the masmidim lead several exciting learning programs for campers while also enjoying many shiurim.  Guest Rabbanim included Rav Mordechai Finkelman, Rav Yonasan Sacks, Rav Menachem Penner, Rav Baruch Simon, Rav Eliakim Koenigsberg, Rav Josh Blass, Rav Yoni Levin, Rav Reuven Taragin, Rav Moshe Taragin, Rav Aharon Bina, Rav Judah Mischel, Rav Ari Zahtz, and Rav Nosson Englard (The Radziner Rebbe).


For the first time, Camp Kaylie is proud have its Post Kaylie Kollel. The Young Israel of Woodmere Post-Kaylie Kollel provides structured learning for members of the Five Towns community during the summer weeks after boy’s month. Nearly 40 young men between the ages of 18-21 learn morning seder and night seder with Rav Yosef Nusbacher and hear from other guest Rabbanim. Kollel Coordinator, Meir Avracen shares that “this program provides Kaylie masmidim and staff with an excellent second month opportunity in addition to enhancing the limud haTorah within our community.” The learning at Camp Kaylie never stops.

JCCMP Back to School Street Fair 

The JCC of Marine Park will hold its annual Back to School Street Fair  on Sunday, August 26 from 2:00 to 6:00 P.M. This year, it will take place at a new location, on Avenue N between East 29 Street and Nostrand Avenue. Join the greater community for refreshments, games, rides, and entertainment including Uncle Moishy and a magic show. Free backpacks and school supplies will be distributed while supplies last. To skip the lines and reserve your free backpack, register at https://jccmpstreetfair.eventbrite.com.  For sponsorship opportunities, please call Eli at 718-407-1832 or email eli@jccmp.org


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